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About DCAProSearch

Established in 1995, DCAProSearch is an Executive Search Firm specializing in the placement of strong branded leading industry professionals with expertise in Hispanic advertising and marketing. The firm has built itself on a foundation of consistent results and reliability as well as a record of professional honesty and integrity. We collaborate with top Hispanic and General Market advertising agencies that are looking for highly qualified Hispanic advertising talent in all departments of the advertising and marketing fields. We understand the dynamics that drive the industry in which we operate, and we apply this knowledge to obtain the desired results from the talent pool within the industry. In addition, we conduct searches for Hispanic marketing professionals within the corporate client world. Our mission to our clients is to represent, with the highest integrity and ethical standards, what is in their best interest as the employer. We accomplish this through an assertive and aggressive, results-oriented search for the most exceptional candidate to become a productive new member of the employer’s team. Our mission to our candidates is to present you with only the best opportunities based on your experience and goals; to market and honestly represent your talents and skills, and keep you updated along every step of the process.

We Offer 4 Types Of Services Including:

DCAExecutiveSearch - Our executive search services are based on a proven Search, Selection, & Placement Process including 360-degree service which encompasses 15 critical steps. We specialize in placing Hispanic advertising and marketing professionals. We conduct 3 levels of searches based on your needs: Contingency, Retainer and Cotainer.

DCAProTemp - Our vast database network of Hispanic advertising and marketing professionals allows us to find candidates for both permanent and contract services. We also place freelance professionals on a temporary basis. If you decide to hire those freelancers on a permanent basis, the freelance fee will be prorated into the full time placement fee.

DCACareerTransition - We offer affordable outplacement services for displaced employees, assuring them outstanding and professional support and coaching in the area of career management and branding while finding a new opportunity.

DCAExecutiveCoaching - This service is excellent for your top management employees to prepare them for their next executive move within your organization. Candidates also benefit from Executive Coaching, as it can assist them in evaluating their options and help them understand what their choices are.