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Are you thinking about relocating for your career?

DCA ProSearch Introduces: Recruiter Relocation

Comprehensive relocation services customized to fit

your personal needs, compliments of DCAProSearch

No service fees or charges for any Recruiter Relocation Service

Single point of coordination throughout your relocation

Relocation-certified real estate network for home sale

& home purchase assistance

Discounts through national van line companies

Freedom of choice for all new service providers

Coordination of mortgage programs, interim housing

services, and rental resources


Why use Recruiter Relocation?

Relocation cost information gives you the knowledge to confidently

accept an offer.

Our services help you fully understand how this relocation will

impact your family.

Recruiter Relocation will prepare you for the relocation process, set

reasonable expectations, and establish realistic time lines.

You have access to online tools, educational information,

and other data pertinent to making an informed relocation decision


Why start this process so early?

Recruiter Relocation provides comprehensive services, tools, and

resources to individuals and companies requiring relocation

assistance. After discussing the relocation option with your recruiter at

DCAProSearch, visit Recruiter Relocation at recruiterrelocation.com or call 866.787.4949.