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Principal Profile

Doris Aguirre

As President of DCA Professional Search, Doris Aguirre has directed the firm’s growth and success since 1995. She is currently regarded as a top recruiter of Hispanic advertising and marketing professionals (See recommendations on Linked-In).

Her reputation has grown due in part to her track record of delivering expert talent to her clients in the most professional and diligent manner. Doris has worked with leading agencies in the advertising industry, and by continually ensuring client satisfaction, DCA continues to work with many of these clients. Her tenacity in upholding high standards is evident by the 90% of DCA’s clients who are repeat or referred business. She believes that consistent client satisfaction is vital to maintaining the firm’s integrity. Prior to founding DCAProSearch, Doris was General Sales Manager of the Spanish Information Service (SIS); one of the first national Spanish radio networks in the country. It was through SIS that she developed her successful reputation and network of contacts within the advertising industry. She formed these associations not by focusing simply on media professionals, but by building relationships with account service and marketing professionals as well.

With close to 15 years of executive search experience working within the Hispanic advertising/marketing industry, Doris has developed one of the strongest networks of Hispanic advertising/marketing professionals. This network is what makes DCAProSearch a major contender in the Hispanic Advertising Executive Search industry. Her passion for Hispanic advertising and marketing is reflected in the excellence of the candidates that she presents to her clients. Before presenting any candidates, she seeks to understand the qualities and experience necessary for the various positions. For this reason, DCA studies the agency culture and dynamics in order to present candidates that meet all of the combined requirements. Doris’ personal and professional knowledge and her insightful understanding of the industry are the key elements that differentiate DCAProSearch from the other executive search firms targeting this industry.