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Handling the Resignation

Resigning from your current position can be emotional and sometimes stressful,

but there are several things you can do to make the process go smoothly and



Put it in writing - Handing your boss a resignation letter is the most

effective way to handle an uncomfortable situation.

    1. It is formal and will become part of your permanent record. It is for
      your own protection.
    2. It will help you keep the focus on the positive aspects of your career
      move rather than any negative aspects of your old situation.
    3. It relieves the pressure of having to speak first (A sample form letter

Prepare yourself psychologically. Before you give notice, make sure

you are committed to your new opportunity.

The sooner you leave the company, the better. Give fair notice, but

ask to be relieved as soon as possible. You are in a lame duck position.

The company will get by without you, and you owe your energies and

loyalty to yourself and to your new opportunity.

Don't set yourself up for emotional turmoil by allowing talk about

counter-offers. It is the single worst thing you can do during the

resignation process. We have enclosed an article from the Wall Street

Journal. Read it carefully.

Talk to your Executive Search Consultant. We can help keep this as

smooth and painless as possible.





Sample Resignation Letter



Dear ____________________:


It is with mixed emotion, yet firm conviction, that I write this letter of resignation from _________(company).


This is my official notice that as of ___________ (date) I will end my employment with _____________________(company). It has been a great experience working with you and I thank you for the opportunity that you presented me with. I want to make this transition as smooth for you as possible, so please let me know what I can do during these next 2 weeks to make it easier for you and the rest of the staff.


__________________________ __________________________