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Executive Search

We have positioned hundreds of candidates within some of the leading Hispanic and General Market advertising agencies. Our areas of specialty include candidate placement in: account services, creative department, media planning and buying, account planning, promotions, digital/direct marketing, research, public relations, and marketing. Although most of our searches are performed within the realm of the Hispanic Market, we have also conducted searches for (and successfully filled positions in) the General Market and the African American Market. We strive to ensure that each client is entirely satisfied with our process. Our 90% repeat business and referral rate are testament to that. We offer 3 search levels:

Types of Search Assignments:

1- Contingency

This is the most common type of search we conduct, and is the one preferred by the majority of clients.  Although most search firms define a contingency search as one that is comprised of only candidates within their database, we take extra steps to make certain that we go beyond our own database and network to find passive candidates as well.  As our 90% repeat business rate demonstrates, our clients are highly satisfied, even within the realm of contingency searches. When a client contracts a contingency search, a fee is paid only upon hire, and the candidate placement is guaranteed for 3 months. 

2- Retainer

A retained search is preferable for cases in which clients have a pressing executive level need, and require a candidate who will hold key leadership responsibilities, and whose services will be integral to the overall organizational success.  There is often a degree of urgency that accompanies this type of search. Due to the strong commitment that is mutually required from both parties, retained searches take precedence over contingency and cotainer assignments. A client company is essentially securing a commitment from the search firm to prioritize the search if it is a retainer search. The guarantee period lasts for 6 months and the financial investment is paid in 3 installments: at the start of the search, 30 days following the start of the search, and upon hire.

3- Cotainer

This search option offers several benefits to both the client and the search firm, since many of the strengths of the retained search model can be captured while concurrently reducing the financial risks for both parties. In a cotainer search, the client pays 25% of the fee up front in order to be set up within the priority searches. The rest of the fee is paid upon hire. By initiating this type of search, both parties have some ownership in the final result, and will therefore be more engaged in the interaction.

DCA Search, Selection & Placement Process

DCA stands for Distinctive Client Advantage. This Distinctive Client Advantage involves 360 degree service
encompassing 15 critical steps in the Search, Selection and Placement process.

Partnership Needs Analysis Strategize Research Interview & Qualify Resume Presentation

Facilitate Interviews Interview Preparation Interview Debrief Reference Report

Compensation Negotiations Resignation Process Counter Offer Consultation Follow-Up Client Reference

For more information on each step, please click here for a detailed outline.

DCA Relocation Services

We also offer relocation services as a courtesy to our clients/candidates through our alliance with Recruiter Relocation. The Pre-Offer and Post-Offer programs are provided at no cost for clients and candidates who are considering a new job that involves relocation to a new city or country. The Pre-Offer program includes a personal Relocation Coach who can give expert advice, provide useful information, and help candidates make smart relocation decisions. After an offer acceptance, the Relocation Coach manages every aspect of the move, and eases the administrative burden of relocation for both the candidate and client. To learn more about DCA Relocation Services, click here.

Background Verification

We offer background verification through a nationwide third party screening service at a nominal cost to client. Services available at client request include:

Confidential in-depth background check.

Detailed reports on employment history, education, criminal history, driving records and credit analysis.

Drug testing program.