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DCA Search, Selection & Placement Process

DCAProSearch stands for Distinctive Client Advantage. This Distinctive Client Advantage involves 360-degree service encompassing 15 critical steps in the process. This logical, structured approach means that DCA is not reinventing the wheel each time we undertake a new search. Instead, we can concentrate all our energies on tailoring the search process to compile the best candidate selection pool for your particular opening. Here’s how the DCA Search, Selection, and Placement process can work for your company:


Partnership. From our initial client engagement, to the hiring of a top candidate, our goal is to form a


personal connection with you as we become an arm of your human resource efforts. We do this by

providing all of the benefits of a search firm that specializes exclusively in the placement of Hispanic

Advertising professionals. Consistent and timely two-way communication is essential to ensure a

successful partnership.


Needs Analysis. We work closely with our clients to analyze what your needs are, and determine what


characteristics, experience and skills are required for the position. Aside from the obvious experience, we

want to understand the culture and dynamics of your agency and team, so as to guarantee that we can

make a successful match.


Strategize. During this step, we determine how to present the opportunity to candidates. If there is a job


description, it is essential to provide it at this time, or, if desired, we can work with you to develop a job

description. We gather a bit more information about your competitors and the dynamics of your organization, as well as information about the hiring manager and the team.


Research. This is where DCAs years of experience really count. We have the unique ability to identify


the best talent in your marketplace, meaning that the candidates we source will match your profile. During our research process, we target companies and source candidates based on the experience, skills, and cultural fit. We have one of the largest networks of Hispanic advertising and marketing professionals in the country and we use this network in conjunction with our leading-edge search technology and researchers to provide you with only the most qualified candidates.


Interview & Qualify. We conduct in-depth candidate telephone interviews using behavioral based


questions to ascertain three crucial factors:

Do they have the appropriate background?

Are they willing to change jobs for the right opportunity?

Do their goals match yours?


Resume Presentation. After qualifying the candidates and conducting a process of elimination, we


present the best-matched resumes to you for review.


Facilitate Client Interviews. After candidate resume review and approval, we schedule the initial phone


or in-person interviews


Prepare Candidate & Client for Interview. It is essential to prepare both parties for interviews by briefing


each on the goals and priorities of the client as well as the candidate.


Debrief Candidate & Client. After the interview, we debrief both client and candidate in order to proceed


with the preferred candidates and release any candidates you do not want to pursue. We consult with candidates to ensure successful interview follow-up protocol. We then arrange for 2nd interviews, and continue the process


Confidential Reference Report. We provide you a confidential reference report on the top candidate


prior to extending an offer. There are times when clients do not request the report, and prefer to conduct

their own in-house references. If this is the case, a DCA reference report will not be presented.


Compensation Negotiations. Our years of dealing with delicate negotiations can help you avoid


potential pitfalls. Our goal is to provide a mutually beneficial result for both you and the candidate. At this

point we transmit a verbal offer to the candidate, and facilitate any negotiations needed to help ensure



Resignation Process. This is a very critical and emotional part of the process for the candidate. We


consult with the candidate to ensure a successful resignation, and walk them through the steps of this

process. We confirm a start date.


Counter Offer Consultation. We consult the candidate on how to handle counter-offers in order to


ensure placement success. We stay in touch with the candidate throughout the 2 week notice period, so

as to keep them focused on making a smooth transition.


Follow-Up. With DCA, it’s not over when it’s over. We have a debriefing protocol to evaluate the search


process and results. We remain in contact with you and the candidate through the start date and initial

phases of employment in order to verify that the placement was successful.


Client Reference. If acceptable, we ask you for a referral and appreciate your given permission to use


your name for reference purposes.

(Please note: While we strive to perform each of these steps for every search, there may be searches that require different steps, in different orders. Failure to perform one or more of these steps does not constitute breach of contract on our part.)